Nadita Putri Almira Wardani (2018.7~8)


Anna Hu (2018.5~8)


金宗潤 (2018.2~6)


寒川裕之:京都大学 ウイルス・再生医科学研究所 バイオメカニクス分野 技術補佐員


Tien Hsuan Chen


Yin Pui Tang


Nazish Bostan



渡部佑司:大阪大学 免疫学フロンティア研究センター企画室


鈴木紗織:滋賀医科大学 病理学講座(疾患制御病理学) 特任助教




東濃篤徳:自然科学研究機構 生理学研究所 特任助教


芳田剛:東京医科歯科大学 医歯学総合研究科 ウイルス制御学分野 助教


斎藤暁:大阪大学 大阪大学微生物病研究所 感染症国際研究センター 特任助教




Anna Hu

 The best part about this summer was meeting everyone in the lab, because all of you are very welcoming and have enriched
my learning experience like none other. This was my first time learning about HIV to that depth, so I was very nervousat first, as the techniques you all use were not all familiar to me. However, based on my readings of papers and articles
I knew that your work is up to date and is in high demand right now, which made my experience more thrilling.
Also, it was hard to adjust to living in Japan alone at first, but with the help of everyone, I made it through and thrived.

Nadita Putri Almira WardaniMy time at Akari lab has been splendid! Having my credited internship in this lab was a right decision and instead of feeling pressured,
i feel right at home here. Everyone was super nice and helpful, even though I didn’t speak Japanese fluently, including Akari sensei,
who taught lots,including life lessons and how I should build my self-esteem. The experience in the lab were enjoyable as i get to do
hands-on experiments a lot, and those were super fun, as the topic really was in line with my interest, which is virology.
At this lab, i didnt get only more knowledge and techniques in infectious disease research, but also i get the most valuable thing,
friendship, almost like family, if i may say.
Overall, my two months spent at akari lab was worth every day, and the experience will always linger with me for the rest of my life.